StepBeyond Solutions Inc is the leader in
Executive Search and Technical Recruiting for Electronics Manufacturers.

StepBeyond has been the premier online EM recruiting site since 1997.

Our clients are the leaders in North America and globally in Electronics Manufacturing as well as their suppliers.
We serve both OEM, EMS (contract electronic manufacturers), ODM, Capital Equipment makers, Component Distributors and Makers, Logistics and Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket Services.

Who do we recruit?
Anyone who has a reason to step on the floor of an electronic assembly operation, C Level Executive to Technician.


VP Operations/ Supply Chain/ Business Development… Quality, SMT, Test, Purchasing, Planning, Warehouse and Logistics

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    StepBeyond has specialized in Electronic Manufacturing Industry jobs online since 1997
    We work with OEMs, EMS, Capital Equipment makers, PCB Fabs, Component Manufacturers and Distributors....etc


    We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most effective and efficient solutions to our client’s hiring needs. We never forget that its just one fee to us, but it’s your career and life!
    The proof is our many client and candidate relationships that are 10, 20, up to 30 years strong. The depth of industry knowledge and technical expertise of the StepBeyond team are unmatched by any competitor or talent acquisition team. Simply put, our clients can be sure that StepBeyond will deliver the best in the electronics industry quickly and effectively.


    StepBeyond Candidates rely on StepBeyond Experts for advice on critical business decisions. Our decades of industry experience gives our consultants crucial insights that executives need. Whether reorganizing a sales operation or making M&A decision StepBeyond Experts deliver crucial insight into best practices. If we don’t have the answer we know someone. We can connect you with industry experts that ensure your decisions are sound and actions optimal.

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    Taking Talent Acquisition a StepBeyond

    StepBeyond Solutions Inc is the global leader in electronics manufacturing recruitment. Since 1997 StepBeyond has been trusted with C Level Retained Searches as well as Management and Staff Contingency Recruitment.

    StepBeyond Network

    StepBeyond Solutions has developed proprietary systems and technical resources. Our network and techniques enable us to find the best in industry and quickly. Our clients receive the most qualified candidates in a matter of days or even hours. Many of these are “passive” candidates which will not be found with ordinary techniques.

    StepBeyond’s relationship and reputation means the best candidates either know us already or will be referred by our network.


    StepBeyond’s EMS practice understands why Contract Electronic Manufacturing is not like any other business. EMS employees are a unique breed. EMS employees know how to keep up with the customer demands, technical complexity and tight margins required to survive and thrive. Our goal is the success of our EMS clients, not simply to find another employee to fill a place.

    Only 10% of our searches are filled by “ad responses” (the primary resource of most recruiters)
    70% of our searches are filled with our existing “pipeline” of connections and candidates
    25% of searches are filled with referrals from our network contacts
    15% of searches are filled with old fashioned “cold call” recruiting

    What People are Saying

    I have known John for years and worked with him regarding many different opportunities. He is persistent, but not overbearing, and he always scrutinizes all opportunities before presenting them to prospective candidates. I would recommend John’s services to anyone.

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