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I have been recruiting for Electronics Manufacturing since SMT was the hot new thing about 1990. Back then I had 500 SMT Engineer jobs on a whiteboard…yes 500! Then things got hot again about 1995 to 1998. Since then Electronics Manufacturing in the USA has been stagnant. First everyone had to have a “maquiladora”. Then everyone had to go to EMS in Mexico. Early 2000s make it China was the latest “fad”.  
But now…WOW!  Actually this may be the hottest I have EVER seen EM jobs. Tier 3 EMS are rapidly expanding here. The demand for Business Development is the strongest ever. Now jobs are spreading across the company. We are searching for Operations, GMs, CEO, CFO, Quality Directors and Managers, Supply Chain Manager, Purchasing Manager, SMT Engineers…everything…everywhere. No region is being left out!. Even slow regions, the Northwest, Northeast…and even Canada!  
Contact me to discuss your company’s growth plans. 
John Myers 

NEXT ISSUE: The New Trend in US Manufacturing: Founders Ready to Exit 
The founders of companies in the 1980s and 1990s are ready to exit…and investors are ready to buy. 

COMING SOON: StepBeyond Adds Consultants with Tier 1 EMS and Startup CEO Experience. 
StepBeyond will be consulting with: Startups needing help. Owners seeking to exit and clients seeking acquisitions. Companies needing improvement or turnaround help in any department.  
COMING SOON: StepBeyond Partners with an Sales Consultant with EMS Executive Sales expertise. 
Does your EMS or Company need a tune up…or an overhaul? Not sure? Our consultant will help your figure it out. 

GOT JOBS?  YES, we do. StepBeyond has more searches than ever!
BIZ DEV: We have EMS BDM searches in every region of the country. Contact Dustin Tong to find out more. 
GM – CEO – CFO: We got those.  
SMT Engineers, Quality Manager…: Talk to Irene Espinosa
More jobs open, and more every day. 
Go to to contact your recruiter today. 

M&A?  Exploring new acquisitions or an exit strategy?  StepBeyond can consult with you to find your perfect partner. 

PE Firms and Exit Strategy Consulting:   StepBeyond is working with several PE firms to turnaround faltering acquisitions. EMS is NOT easy. Too often investors find out the hard way how tough this biz is.  StepBeyond is working with them to find CEOs, GMS, Business Development and others who can turnaround and get on the exit strategy track.  Contact John Myers to discuss your exit strategy. 

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